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Breakfast 9am Tuesdays 2018
26-JUNEBagel TreeKings Point Plaza
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FD2018: FT8 is ARRL approved Mode READ MORE

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  Amateur Radio Factoid  
Difference between cBridge and Brandmeister?
Both the cBridge and Brandmeister serve the same purpose, in that they're both essentially talkgroup servers which are used to interconnect a number of repeaters together to form networks.

Brandmeister is a network. It is free to join and use, and is administered by a group of volunteers throughout the world. It has many advanced features, such as intelligent call routing, APRS, support for multiple repeater brands, hotspot support and an audio archive system called Hoseline. Repeater owners connected to Brandmeister can setup which talkgroups are static and timers to activate talkgroups temporarily for scheduled nets. Otherwise, all configuration is fixed by the global administrators and developers. All repeaters are required to carry all talkgroups, making it impossible for a repeater owner to control what traffic is carried by his or her repeater. With hundreds or thousands of talkgroups available and only two timeslots, contention can become problematic.

The cBridge is a commercial product (sold in America by Rayfield Communications). While it only allows connections from Motorola repeaters, it offers maximum configurability with regard to talkgroup placement and connections to other systems. We have found cBridge networks to be more reliable and have less contention for timeslots with fewer talkgroups available, which is why we've chosen the cBridge.

With the explosion of inexpensive hotspots available for the Brandmeister network, it is relatively easy for users to have the best of both worlds: A reliable cBridge-based repeater and a hotspot where the end user is free to change talkgroups on the fly without impacting other users of the system. Win-win!

  BRARA Net Activity  
 2018-06-24 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2018-06-19 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2018-06-18 (PDF) VOCOM and NBEMS 
 2018-06-17 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2018-06-11 (PDF) VOCOM and NBEMS 
 2018-06-10 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2018-06-04 (PDF) VOCOM and NBEMS 
 2018-06-03 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2018-05-29 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2018-05-28 (PDF) VOCOM and NBEMS 
 2018-05-27 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2018-05-21 (PDF) VOCOM and NBEMS 
 2018-05-20 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2018-05-14 (PDF) VOCOM and NBEMS 
 2018-05-13 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2018-05-07 (PDF) VOCOM and NBEMS 
 2018-05-06 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2018-04-23 (PDF) VOCOM and NBEMS 
 2018-04-16 (PDF) VOCOM and NBEMS 
 2018-04-15 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2018-04-10 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2018-04-09 (PDF) VOCOM and NBEMS 
 2018-04-02 (PDF) VOCOM and NBEMS 
 2018-03-26 (PDF) VOCOM and NBEMS 
 2018-03-25 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2018-03-18 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2018-03-11 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2018-03-13 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2018-03-06 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2018-03-05 (PDF) VOICE-COMM / SoC.NBEMS 
 2018-03-04 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2018-02-27 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2018-02-25 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2018-02-18 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2018-02-13 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2018-02-06 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2018-01-30 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2018-01-28 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2018-01-21 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2018-01-15 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2018-01-15 (PDF) VOICE-COMM / SoC.NBEMS 
 2018-01-14 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2017-12-09 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2018-01-08 (PDF) VOICE-COMM / SoC.NBEMS 
 2017-12-09 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2018-01-07 (PDF) CERT Net< 
 2017-12-19 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2017-12-17 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2017-12-18 (PDF) COMM Net 
 2017-12-11 (PDF) COMM Net 
 2017-12-12 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2017-12-10 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2017-12-05 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2017-12-04 (PDF) COMM Net 
 2017-11-28 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2017-11-27 (PDF) COMM Net 
 2017-11-26 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2017-11-21 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2017-11-20 (PDF) COMM Net 
 2017-11-19 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2017-11-14 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2017-11-14 (PDF) COMM Net 
 2017-11-07 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2017-11-12 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2017-11-06 (PDF) COMM Net 
 2017-11-05 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2017-10-31 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2017-10-27 (PDF) DMR Tech Net Oct-2017 
 2017-10-16 (PDF) COMM Nets  
 2017-10-15 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2017-10-10 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2017-10-09 (PDF) COMM Nets  
 2017-10-02 (PDF) COMM Nets  
 2017-10-01 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2017-09-24 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2017-09-18 (PDF) COMM Nets  
 2017-09-04 (PDF) COMM Nets  
 2017-09-03 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2017-08-29 (PDF) BOCA CERT  
 2017-08-27 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2017-08-14 (PDF) COMM Nets  

  Coordinated NETS  
  Daily06.00pmVHFGCARCTraffic Net 146.610
  Sun07.30pmVHFWARC SlowScan 147.285
   08.00pmUHFBRARADMR Tech Net TS2-TG2 / 31124
   09.00pmTG TyNetDMR Track TG-31489
  Mon07.00pmVHFBRARAVoice Comm Net 145.290
   08.00pmVHFBRARASoCounty NBEMS 145.290
   07.30pmVHFWARC Emergency Net 147.285
  Tue07.00pmUHFCERT CERT Plan A 470.400
   07.30pmVHFCERT CERT Plan B 145.290
  Thu08.20pmVHFGCARCNotQwightRightNet 146.82
  Fri07.30pmVHFWARCSATERNet 147.285
  Sat03.00pmUHFWARC70cm Net / 444.325 PL179.9
  If BRARA VHF repeater is down, use GCARC repeater

 VHFBRARA Analog 2m 145.290 PL 110.9
 UHFBRARA Analog 70cm 442.875 PL 110.9 +5Mhz
 VHFBRARA Packet 2m 145.070 144.390 APRS
 IP BRARA EchoLink Node 826953
 IP DMR Track TyNet TG 31489
 UHFDMR W2GGI 70cm 443.300 CC1 +5Mhz
 UHFCERT Analog Part-A70cm 470.400 PL 123.0 +3Mhz
 VHFCERT Analog Part-B2m 145.290 PL 110.9
 VHFGold Coast ARC 2m 146.610 PL 110.9 -600khz
 VHFGold Coast ARC 2m 146.820 PL 110.9 -600khz
 UHFGold Coast ARC 70cm 442.500 PL 110.9 +5Mhz
 UHFGold Coast Fusion70cm 442.200 PL 110.9 +5Mhz
 VHFGold Coast Fusion2m 145.340 PL 110.9 -600khz
 VHFAEC Repeater GRP 2m 146.670 PL 110.9 -600khz
 VHFWellington ARC 2m 147.285 PL 110.9 +600khz

HF-1 FT-1000MP Available Dedicated PC
HF-2 IC-718 Available TBA SignaLink
HF-3 FT-1000 Available Dedicated SignaLink
UHF-4FT-897 Available Dedicated PC / SignaLink
UHF-5IC-820 144/432 Available
UHF-5IC-706 50.07 beacon Unavailable See George WA2VNV
UHF-5HR-2600 222 Available
UHF-5TR-751A 144/1296 IF Available Has CW key

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  2018 Field Day  

  FD2018 Planning and Implementation Status
07-23 Submit results within 30 days end of event
06-24 FD2018 ends
06-24COMPLETEStop operation 2pm
06-24COMPLETEMeal: Breakfast
06-23COMPLETESend ARRL traffic
06-23COMPLETEMeal: Dinner
06-23COMPLETEMeal: Lunch - dogs, burgers
06-23COMPLETEStart operation 2pm
06-23COMPLETEPrep drinks and coolers
06-23COMPLETESetup wash station
06-23COMPLETESetup generator and run power line
06-23COMPLETESetup Canopies (3)
06-23COMPLETESetup begins
06-23COMPLETEBoard welcomes all participants and visitors
06-23 FD2018 begins
06-22COMPLETECopy ARRL FD2018 message
06-22HOLDTransport backup generator
06-22COMPLETEBuy fuel as needed
06-22COMPLETEBuy food, drinks, plates, plastic ware
06-17COMPLETERefill propane tanks
06-16COMPLETETest Generatror, add gas stablizer
06-16COMPLETESetup Network
06-05COMPLETEReview FD2018 at General meeting
06-03COMPLETEReview FD2018 at Board meeting
05-11COMPLETEPopulate station operator assignments
05-05COMPLETEMailed press release
05-05COMPLETEInvited elected officials
05-05COMPLETEInvited police / fire / rescue
05-02COMPLETEPlanning Meals
05-02COMPLETECreated SoFL Traffic radiograms
04-28COMPLETEUpdate FD2018 Implementation Plan

 DMRMD3xx 4.420-May-2018 click to download 
 DMRMD2017 4.38-Apr-2018 click to download 
 DMRCS750 4.011-May-2018 click to download 
 DMRCS800 4.011-May-2018 click to download 
 DMRAnyTone AT-Dxx4.41-May-2018 click to download 
 AnalogBF-F8HP2017.101-Oct-2017click to download 
 AnalogTM-V71A2017.101-Oct-2017click to download 

  Member Updates  
  As of 23-APRIL 2018   Logon to view these items
  June-2018 General Meeting minutes
  Secretary Report June-2018
  Secretary Report May-2018
  Secretary Report Apr-2018
  Secretary Report Mar-2018
  Secretary Report Feb-2018
  New Capability: User managed scrollbar
  The first lady ham radio operators
  Chak (VU2TTC): The blind Genious of ham radio in India
  Important READ: ARRL Governance and Code-of-Conduct
  Trivia: Technician license
  What are these guys doing?
  Member List now showing FCC Class
  Your Profile now uses FCC and DMR MARC data
  FoxHunt Rules and Awards
  2018 January Presidents Message
  Specify profile preferred Email / Phone
  Time to renew your 2018 BRARA Dues
  New search capacilities for Members

  2018 Dues Notification  
   At the December 2, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting, the Board voted to set 2018 dues at $35. You can still beat the increase and save $10 if you renew at the old rate ($25) by December 31, 2017. Starting January 1, 2018 dues will be $35 per year.   

  Open House :: Wednesdays and Saturdays  
  From 11am at Club Station
  10875 W Atlantic Ave
  Delray Beach, FL USA.  (Click to view map)

  Held at 7pm on 1st Tues of the month at
  West Boca Library
  18685 State Road 7
  Boca Raton FL USA.  (Click to view map)

  If you need help logging onto BRARA.ORG, contact John. N1QFH
  EMAIL N1QFH@BRARA.ORG  TEXT 207.239.0268


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