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Breakfast 9am Tuesdays 2019
30-APR TBA  
Email Art if you plan to attend:

Sunspot Cycle Is More Intricate
Operator penalized for interference
Delray Newspaper on BRARA and FD2018
FD2018: FT8 is ARRL approved Mode
VIDEO: Annapolis MD Greenbury Pt USN Radio Towers
VIDEO: Cutler ME USN Radio Towers
Hurricane Prepared presentation
14-May-2018 5.30pm
City of Lake Worth
7 North Dixie Highway
Lake Worth, FL 33460
New DMR Codeplug Version 4.4 is available
BRARA Free Technician Licence Class
Location: Ham shack
10875 W.Atlantic Ave,
Delray Beach, FL
When: Saturday and Sunday, 5/6 May-2018 - 9am to 5pm
Proposed April minutes available for member review
For members, FREE inventory at the shack
BRARA Radiator Grill
Location: Ham shack
10875 W.Atlantic Ave,
Delray Beach, FL
When: Saturday 28-April-2018 - 10am to 1pm
2018 VHF/UHF Spring Sprint Schedule
Why do newer hams fail to become truly active?
Family Safety Fest
Location: Sportsplex at Coral Springs FL
When: Saturday, April 21st - Breakfast 8am,
main event 10am
Barbecue and impromptu field day
Where: Vista View Park,
4001 SW 142nd Ave, Davie
When: Saturday, April 14, 9am-3pm
New Net: The Not Qwight Right Net
Starts: 19-April-2018 (may be delayed 1 week)
When: Thursdays at 8.20pm (note 820 in freq)
Frequency: 146.820 (-) offset PL 110.9 Boca / W4BUG
Contact: Steve KN4FEN
Palm Beach County ARES meeting
Where: Red Cross,
1250 Northpoint Pkwy,
West Palm Beach
When: Wednesday, April 18, 7pm-9pm
Ft Pierce Hamfest
Location: Indian River State College,
Ft Pierce FL
When: Saturday, 7th-April 2018 - 8am to 1pm
2018 Winter Field Day (WFDA)
Plans for a field day in 27-28 Janurary 2018 are forming. The idea is to give our snow bird members an opportunity to operate at our shack and to fine tune our setup and stations from the learnings of FD2017.
SKYWARN Spotter Training Schedule
Location: Broward County EOC,
201 NW 84th Ave
Plantation, FL
When: Saturday, February 24th 930AM to 230PM
Contact: Robin Terrill
BRARA Tech Class Training
When: Sat, February 3, 9am - Sun, February 4, 5pm
Where: BRARA Ham Shack
at West Delray Park,
10875 W Atlantic Ave
Delray Beach, Fl 33446 (map)
Description: Free Laurel Testing on 8-FEB-2018 7pm-9pm
Contacts: Bruce Ratoff KO4XL Training@BRARA.ORG
Testing: Gennaro Zaza W4BFL Testing@BRARA.ORG
2017-11-14 New DIGITAL page
This was added for BRARA members needing NBEMS information: MENU > SUPPORT > DIGITAL
2017-11-10 WLRN interview with Jeff.S K4BH
'When all else fails' interview of Jeff.S K4BH by WLRN's Peter Haden.
2017-11-09 Website Members Carousel Pictures
When viewing any BRARA pictures such as inventory or club activities that uses the Carousel process, you may now STOP, START, go to PRIOR or NEXT pictures. This was done per suggestion by a BRARA member. This is why we need more input from you: all ideas are welcome and good ideas are implemented.
2017-11-08 Website menu reorganized
The menu and access to many Member specific pages has been changed. This means Members must logon to see many website pages such as BLOG, Calendars and Meeting documents (Newletters, Minutes, Agendas). Non-members will see a smaller subset of Member menu items. Further, the home page has been reorganized into Member news, Recent news and New Links.
2017-11-01 BRARA Members: Update your Biography
Logon, Go to MENU > TOOLS > PROFILE and scroll to bottom and update your biography.
2017-10-29 2017-2018 Remaining Contests
Go to MENU > COMM > BLOG and read "2017-2018 Remaining major contest season".
2017-10-18 2M repeater repaired
Go to MENU > COMM > BLOG and read repeater repair with picures.
Tuesday Night CERT Nets returned
The Tuesday Night Greater Boca Raton/Delray Beach CERT Nets have returned. The Plan A City Repeater is operational on 470.400 Mhz and the Plan A Net begins at 19:00 ETZ (7:00 PM Local time). If you have a City-Supplied radio that is starting to show excessive wear (antenna falling apart or not working) let Gerry.G KG4FUR know if you are Boca and Ed know if you are Delray. As for Call Signs and IDs, please start using the new ones. We are more interested in re-establishing communication than enforcing radio procedure. That will come as we get more comfortable with the radios. Although the Plan B Amateur Radio Repeater is not operational, we have resumed the Plan B Net at 19:30 ETZ (7:30 PM local time) on the 145.290 MHz Repeater (PL 110.9). Thanks to the Boca Raton Amateur Radio Association for the use of their 2m repeater. All HAMS, regardless of CERT affiliation or certification, are encouraged to participate. Likewise, we are looking to reacquaint ourselves and not get bogged down in the procedures. We will make mistakes, but that is how we learn. Please be courteous and pause for 3 seconds between transmissions. Remember that only one person can talk at a time.

  Technical Information  
  Daily 06.00p 146.610 GCARC SoFL Traffic Net
  Sun 07.30p 147.285 WARC SlowScan
   08.00p TG-3112529
   09.00p TG-31489TyNetDMR Track
  Mon 07.00p 145.290 BRARA Voice Comm
   07.30p 147.285 WARC Emergency Net
   07.30p 146.550
GCARC Knights of Rd Table
   08.00p 145.290 BRARA SoCounty NBEMS
  Tue 07.00p 146.670 WPBARG AREC/WR4AKX
   08.00p 146.625 JTRGRag Chew Net
   08.00p TG-3142 PAPAPA Statewide
   09.00p 444.850 KA4EPS CO Astronomy
  Wed 07.00p 147.045 PWARC PBC ARES
   07.00p TG-3DMR-MARC NA Tech
   08.30p TG-3139 OHOHOH Statewide
   09.00p TG-3 NADMR NA Tech Net
   10.00p TG-93NABMR NA Tech Net
  Thu 07.00p 146.610 GCARC Fun Net
   07.30p 147.210 N4QRY Cooper Net
2nd/4th Thur
   08.20p FREQW4NQR.netNotQwightRightNet
  Fri 07.00p 146.610 GCARC BC Emer Prep
   07.30p 146.670 PWARC SATERN Net
   07.30p 146.670 PWARC Survival Net
   08.00p TG-3147 TNTDARGDigital Net
   08.30p TG-31665 FLFLTGIF Net
  Sat 12.00p TG-1DMR-MARC WW DMR
   03.25p 444.325 WARC Scott Net
   07.00p 146.670 PWARC Part 1
News / Info
   07.30p 146.670 PWARC Part 2
TWIAR Played
   08.00p TG-310035 FLGCARCKnowItAllNet
   09.00p TG-91BMRBMR WW Net
  Click for M.Rickey DMR NETS
  If BRARA VHF repeater is down, use GCARC repeater
TGNet NameTimeLocation
310 TAC-310 Net 05.00pm
3119 Iowa Statewide Net 07.30pmIowa
3112529 SEFL DMR Tech Net 08.00pmCLICK FMI
31489 DMR Tracker (Ty Weaver) 09.00pmAustin
3106 PAPA DMR Roundtable 08.00pmCalifornia
3148 Texas Tech Net 05.00PM Texas
31328 SNARS DMR Net 08.00pmSNARS
3142 PA Statewide Net 08.00pmPA
3118 Indiana Statewide 08.00pm Indiana
3148 Texas Statewide Net 05.30pmTexas
92 EU DMR Net 08.00pmEurope
3139 Ohio Statewide Net 08.30pmOhio
3 DMR NA Tech Net 08.00pmNorth America
93 BMR NA Tech Net 09.00pmNorth America
3121 Kentucky Net 05.00pmKentucky
3154 West VA DMR Service net05.00pmWest Virginia
31063 NorCal 07.00pmNorCal
3105 Arkansas Net 07.00pmArkansas
31089 Hytera USA 07.30pmHytera
3147 Tenn Statewide 09.00pm Tenn
31665 TGIF Net 08.30pmFL
91 BM Worldwide Net 09.00amWorldwide
1 DMR WW Net 11.00amWorldwide
310035 GCARC KnowItAll Net 08.00pmFlorida
  Click for M.Rickey DMR NETS
  Click for KE5CDK DMR NETS
 VHFBRARA N4BRF 2m 145.2900- PL 110.9
TG 3112529 / SEFL
Node 826953
2m 145.070/144.390 APRS
 UHFBRARA N4BRF 70cm 442.8750+ PL 110.9
 UHFBoca Raton DMR N4DES 70cm 442.0000+ CC-9
 IP DMR Track TyNetTG31489
 VHFWPBARG WR4AKX 2m146.6700- PL 110.9
 UHFWPBARG AG4BV 70cm 444.3250+ PL 179.9
TG 310035
 UHFGCARC DMR 70cm 443.3500 CC-11
 UHFGCARC Fusion 70cm 442.2000+ PL 110.9
 UHFGCARC W4BUG 70cm 442.5000+ PL 110.9
 VHFGCARC W4BUG 2m 146.6100- PL 110.9
 VHFGCARC W4BUG 2m 146.8200- PL 110.9
 VHFGCARC Fusion 2m 145.3400- PL 110.9
 VHFWARC K4WRC2m 147.2850+ PL 103.5
 VHFPWARC WV4I 2m 147.0450+ PL 110.9
 UHFPBPG DMR 70cm442.9375+ CC-1
 VHFJTRG W4JUP2m146.6250- PL 110.9
 UHFLakeWorth KA4EPS 70cm 444.8500+ PL 110.9
 VHFDavie N4QRY 2m 147.2100+ PL OPEN
 Click to view FL Repeater List
HF-1 IC-7600 Available Dedicated PC
HF-1 Linear Amp OFF-LINE Flagger Ant switch issues
HF-2 IC-718 Available TBA SignaLink
HF-3 FT-1000MP Available Dedicated SignaLink
UHF-4FT-897 Available Dedicated PC / SignaLink
UHF-5IC-820 Available 144/432 Mhz
In use50.07 Mhz
See George WA2VNV
UHF-5HR-2600 Available 222 Mhz
UHF-5TR-751A Available 144/1296 Mhz IF
Has CW key

  Net Activity  
2019-03-25 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2019-03-04 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2019-02-18 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2019-02-11 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2019-02-04 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2019-01-28 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2019-01-14 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2019-01-07 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-12-17 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-12-10 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-12-03 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-11-12 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-11-05 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-10-29 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-10-22 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-10-15 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-10-08 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-10-01 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-09-24 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-09-17 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-08-20 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-08-13 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-08-06 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-07-30 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-07-23 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-06-25 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-06-25 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-06-18 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-06-11 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-06-04 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-05-28 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-05-21 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-05-14 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-05-07 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-04-23 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-04-16 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-04-09 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-04-02 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-03-26 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-03-05 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-01-15 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2018-01-08 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2017-12-18 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2017-12-11 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2017-12-04 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2017-11-27 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2017-11-20 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2017-11-14 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2017-11-06 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2017-10-16 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2017-10-09 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2017-10-02 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2017-09-18 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2017-09-04 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2017-08-14 (PDF) VOCOM / NBEMS
2019-04-07 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2019-03-31 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2019-03-10 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2019-03-03 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2019-02-17 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2019-02-10 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2019-01-27 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2019-01-20 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2019-01-13 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2019-01-06 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-12-09 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-12-02 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-11-25 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-11-18 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-11-11 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-11-04 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-10-28 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-10-21 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-10-14 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-09-23 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-09-16 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-09-09 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-09-02 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-08-26 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-08-19 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-08-12 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-08-05 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-07-29 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-07-22 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-07-15 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-07-08 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-07-01 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-06-24 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-06-17 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-06-10 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-06-03 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-05-27 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-05-20 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-05-13 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-05-06 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-04-15 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-03-25 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-03-18 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-03-11 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-03-04 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-02-25 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-02-18 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-01-28 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-01-21 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2018-01-14 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2017-12-17 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2017-12-10 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2017-11-26 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2017-11-19 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2017-11-12 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2017-11-05 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2017-10-15 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2017-10-01 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2017-09-24 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2017-09-03 (PDF) DMR Tech Net
2017-08-27 (PDF) DMR Tech Net

 N1QFH DMR BRARA MD9600 4.9 21-Feb-2019  
 W4AEQ DMR BRARA MD-3xx 4.9 6-Nov-2018  
 W4AEQ DMR BRARA MD-UV3xx 4.9 6-Nov-2018  
 KG4FUR DMR MD-UV3xx 4.2.1 12-Sep-2018  
 KG4FUR DMR QM-2100 4.0 14-Sep-2018  
 KG4FUR DMR MD-3xx 4.2 12-Sep-2018  
 W4AEQ DMR MD-2017 4.3 8-Apr-2018  
 KG4FUR DMR CS-750 4.2 12-Sep-2018  
 KG4FUR DMR CS-750 4.0 11-May-2018  
 KG4FUR DMR CS-800 4.0 11-May-2018  
 W4AEQ DMR AnyTone AT-Dxx 4.4 1-May-2018  
 N2ELG DMR AnyTone AT-D86UV4.2 15-Sep-2018  
 KB7TMV DMR AnyTone AT-D86UV4.0 14-Sep-2018  
 KO4XL Analog BF-F8HP 2017.101-Oct-2017  
 N1QFH Analog TM-V71A 2018.1017-Oct-2018  

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